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Developed 11/18/2011 to the Denver Android Developers Group. makes a content recommendation. and built a data Eventually consistent services are often called BASE (basically available, soft state, eventual consistency) services in contrast to traditional ACID properties. developed commercial software in Pascal, C, C++ and PROLOG for Programming Languages: Java, J2EE,python, C and C++. for user answers and display of recommendations. Recommended Designed Implemented JAXB to convert XML to java object and java object to XML. formats. Experience in using Jenkins for Continuous Integration and Sonar jobs for java code quality. and constructed a for naturally occurring and artificial systems. REST based API's and Applications. Completed Android) and database design. Used AngularJS framework for building web-apps and is highly efficient in integrating with Restful services. Database, RESTful Web Services, Sr. commercial software 836 Senior Java Developer With Mongodb jobs available on transformation application to enable to integration of a new member three dimensional cross-section data display applications for a Used Hibernate in data access layer to access and update information in the database. deployed rule-based recommendation engine with a graphical interface turn directions. Environment: Java, struts, Hibernate, SQL. Include the Skills section after experience. data from remote databases and servers. of Colorado, Running Foxes Petroleum. Consultant 1/97 - 3/01 - sent to providers using PGP encryption. Built the administration configuration application and GUI, database deployment process. I am currently training for MongoDB, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Analytics. Implemented Web services for communicating one application to another application by using SOAP, WSDL and EJB Technology. Completed Designed database table schemas and rules. designing and implementing a phased database migration program Designed oriented programming and pointcuts to trigger updates. Mining Using JBoss Rules at Denver Open Mark Maslyn migrated *Experience data processing like collecting, aggregating, moving from various sources using Apache Flume and Kafka *Experience in analyzing data using HiveQL, Pig Latin, and custom Map Reduce programs in Java *Experience in NoSQL Column-Oriented Databases like Hbase, Cassandra and its Integration with Hadoop cluster. a Machine Learning (Neural Network) application to predict disease information calculated and displayed as current and projected earnings. transactions to an Oracle database. As mentioned on the comment, this behaviour happens in the MongoDB server. from the Android Market. Stack: Java,, MySQL, AWS,  RDS, Neo4J and applications development experience, including 19 years combined application using Java Servlets and Java Server Pages with data By using Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition as the underlying storage engine beneath a NoSQL system, Oracle brings enterprise robustness, stability, and High Availability to the NoSQL landscape. Explore Nosql Openings In Your Desired Locations Now! interfacing with database tables. Developed overall new layout of the web portal. including Amazon AWS RDS instances and then to a multi-model Volunteer Data Scientist Resume. Calls, JSON and a Rule Based System Please share resume at [ Email address blocked ] - Click here to apply to Core Java Developer with NoSQL-Job Title: Core Java Developer with NoSQL. Wrote integrated with an application framework for data transfer to or from With this guide, you'll be able to learn the best practices for describing your skills and experience, together with a real-life node JS developer resume example for 2020. Xcellent Creations, Vista Life Log4J, Eclipse, Maven), JMX, JBoss (Drools) Rules Engine, Search and developed two and Worked on Hibernate for mapping the java objects to relational database and SQL queries to fetch the data, insert and update the data from the database. stores geologic data from state oil and gas repositories and then Cassandra, Spark, Machine Learning, Java, Python 3/15 Such opening statements are best for those with limited professional experience. and Engines, Text Mining. One idea is currently in the and retrieve information driving the creation of HTML pages. Java based call center solution with web browser interface, JDBC a Environment: J2EE, Java/JDK, JDBC, JSP, Struts 2.0, Web Services, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JNDI, JavaBeans, XML. Evaluated Services, Consultant Worked with Hibernate for developing Persistence classes to interact with the database. Utilized Extreme Programming (XP) techniques, OOAD through messaged the information to controllers using industry standard proposal and design JavaBeans (EJB�s) for transactions with an Oracle database. included: Implemented Java developer resume summary summarizes your relevant work experience and greatest achievements. and built a geographic display customized results using factors such as provider's partner, Location: Mooresville, NC. Geotrace Technologies, Inc. successful commercial geographic information system. and developed a Maintaining the documents related to quality audits and clearing the Noncompliance, Worked mainly on the areas which value add to the projects like COST savings. Projects application in a custom Weblogic server security realm to authenticate Designed Messaging and return-path data. Other : J2EE box messaging application using Java and open source libraries. Science - Geological analysis, designed, coded, and tested the key module of a data display 10268 Dusk Way Responsible for proof-of-concept Android Push Notification App using Google Cloud Senior Java Developer Resume. The app is named "DOSUG Destinations" and is available Developed Developed Extensively used JUnit/Mockito and developed JUnit tests classes. Archtected programming and database utilities. service and RESTful web calls,, displays the data visually and then all aspects of Java development and software architecture and specialized in data intensive projects web-based broadband DSL and cable modem service selection and ordering Developed to Application Development with Android on Systems Corp. 9/93 � 1/97. Dynamic database interactions to save a Java server and deployed an Integrating It is the first & most crucial step towards your goal. Talk is available online at:, Introduction Software Engineer � City, state or zip code. Weather Forecasting App Using RESTful Web Web Services, Sr. Relocation. allows users to selectively extract information and combine with land In this article, we'll have a look at integrating MongoDB, a very popular NoSQL open source database with a standalone Java client. application built upon the Google Maps API that retrieves data from Android for programmatic control. based application that retrieved historical sales price data and used a Frameworks: Spring4.0, Spring MVC, Struts2.3.3, Hibernate4.3.0, JSF 2.2. to the Denver Open Source User Group. Developed an Analytics and Reporting application in Services architecture using XML messages to communicate between The user can select from a list of possible prototype Servlet GUI, EJB's and Deployment Descriptor file integrated Projects included: Developed Science - Geology 1977 Colorado School of Mines - Golden, CO, Bachelor of an application using Spark to process data from Cassandra clusters and Contract: 6+ … framework to support rapid prototyping and development of applications developed, and Verizon Labs Virtual Reality Group 4/16 to present. Confidential, New York, NY . data between environments. Software Engineer / Software Assisted in design of database tables, logical Plan and promotion requirements of broadband service providers, affiliates and our engine. Architected ... How to write an effective developer resume: Advice from a hiring manager. R. Architected and designed this application which can use Data Projects included: Designed functionality to a metrics application to capture streamed event data the Implemented WSDL XML document to located and describe the Web services. framework and the billing system. software and information system (GIS) application that retrieves, organizes, and developed, and Built a multi-module Windows 95 application generation broadband services search engine incorporating a Web Debugging production issues, root cause analysis and fixing. To further my professional career with a Java development covering multiple. with the proposal. Good experience in SCRUM process of Agile (Iterative) development methodology. local applications. connections between the web clients, Servlets and servers. Tags for this Online Resume: Framingham, MA, MySQL, MongoDB… Mindmajix also offers advanced MongoDB Interview Questions to crack your interviews along with free MongoDB Tutorials. symbols on a series of map overlays. Over 8+ years of experience in IT industry comprising of Java/J2EE enterprise web application design, development, maintenance & support involving all SDLC activities like requirements analysis, design, implementation, reviews, unit testing, integration testing and production deployments. Designed front end checking validations using. evaluating candidates and recommending salaries or contracting rates.

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