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New zealand white rabbits, born 21 october mums are litter box trained and babies are learning does60 bucks 40 breeding trio 2 does 1 buck 130, 1263057720 gumtree.com.au Report Ad Reduction of populations is on-going and essential for the economic and environmental welfare of New Zealand. Welcome to our online Meat Rabbit Breeder List – the place to find meat rabbits for sale and meat rabbit breeders near you.. Calis are great moms too! The first of the breed to be established was the New Zealand Red and they were developed for their fast growth rate and meat. Lamb racks - Fully Frenched frozen – 2 per packet – 1.2 kg … Rabbit meat was once a common commodity in Sydney, Australia, but declined after the myxomatosis virus was intentionally introduced to control the exploding population of feral rabbits in the area. ... Modern rabbit welfare guidance for the raising of meat rabbits … In Australia the most popular breed of rabbit used is the New Zealand white which … The Black variety of the New Zealand rabbit breed was created through the efforts of Dr. De Castro of California. In 1917 Willian s. Preshaw developed the White variety of the New Zealand rabbit f… Whereas pet rabbits purchased from shelters typically carry adoption fees ranging from $50 to $100, New Zealand rabbits can cost as little as $10 apiece, according to Crossroads Rabbitry. Rabbit meat is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements: High in vitamins B3 and B12, phosphorus, potassium and selenium. It has … Choosing Meat Rabbit Breeds. Erik from Farpoint Farms goes over his decision to make an outdoor free range area for raising his New Zealand Rabbits. In the United Kingdom, fresh rabbit is sold in butcher shops and markets, and some supermarkets sell frozen rabbit meat. It contributes to a good balance of vitamins and minerals for daily dietary requirements. We work directly with Amish Farmers in America’s heartland, growing New Zealand rabbits. W.S. The male is called a buck and has an average weight of between 0.8g - 1kg. Order your wholesale items via our ordering form. Fare Game info@faregame.co.nz, Copyright 2013 © Fare Game NZ Ltd. Site design by tim mann design | design for print and web Site implementation by norwegian blue. ContentsGeneral Characteristics of Meat RabbitsSome Meat Rabbit Breeds1. We are owned and operated by Kiwi farmers. Beginning in Christchurch 26 years ago, we are very proud to remain the top choice for consistently high quality meat and gourmet ingredients available in NZ. Premium Game operates under … Preshaw first bred it with his plan to produce a rabbit that would be excellent not only for meat but also for fur. Fare Game supply high quality free range game meat which include hare, rabbit, venison, and goat to a wide range of clients. New Zealand meat rabbit. 1. The home of quality wild game meat. Meat rabbits (as well as pygmy and Nigerian dwarf goats, for that matter) take up so little space that a smart prepper, not necessarily one with empty pockets, can raise and butcher them. The New Zealand white rabbits have been proven to be good meat producers. Flemish Giant Breed2. Despite the name, New Zealand rabbits were first bred in America in 1916 for meat and fur production and are currently the number one meat rabbit in the United States. We are well known for our high quality meat and hygiene standards. "Supermarkets are crying out for rabbit meat," Mr Jones said. Fossil Farm's White Rabbits are free roaming and are fed a vegetarian diet of sweet alfalfa, oats, wheat and barley. We really do go home to the farm every night however our product comes from all over NZ. There are 5 pretty common choices for breeds of meat rabbits. RANDWICK MEATS - WHOLESALE MEAT & SEAFOOD SUPPLIERS. These include luxury lodges, top restaurants, delis, butchers and chefs. New Zealand Breed3. Rabbit We are glad you hopped on this page! It was developed by using may crosses, including the Giant Chinchilla. They put on weight quickly with a good meat to bone ratio. So, before choosing the breed, this method must be kept in mind. If for any reason you are not entirely happy with our service or product, please contact Callum Hughes as soon as possible so we can put it right! Despite the name, this breed is American in origin Large in size. Top quality, our passion. The New Zealand rabbit breed is thought to have been developed by the crossing of breeds such as the Belgian hare and Flemish giants. Rabbits have an excellent feed conversion ratio (pounds of feed per pound of gain averages 4:1) and recycle their feed into biodynamic fertilizer that is rich in phosphorous, calcium and nitrogen. Rabbit meat is lean, dense in protein, and similar in flavor and texture to turkey breast. Production rabbits are fed more protein (18-20% rather than the typical 16-18% for non-production rabbits), and sometimes alfalfa hay. Wild rabbit is one of Premium Game's top sellers, due to its beautiful lean meat. Even an urban prepper probably has enough space to keep a mating pair of meat rabbits in a city apartment. These are healthy, hearty, high production rabbits. The Black variety is to uniform jet black coloration throughout the body. Free-range wild rabbit product range. These include luxury lodges, top restaurants, delis, butchers and chefs. Mar 23, 2015 - Explore Jamie Jones's board "new zealand rabbits" on Pinterest. Rabbits are very adaptable and have become plagues in many places in New Zealand as they destroy farm lands and vegetation. Fare Game supply high quality free range game meat which include hare, rabbit, venison, and goat to a wide range of clients. We will be in touch shortly. What Does a Meat Rabbit Cost? Ordering. They were added to the American Rabbit Breeders Association in 1916. Facts about rabbits . We are 100% halal and specialized in beef, Lamb, goat and poultry. Precisely, there are about 17 meat rabbit breeds out of 45 rabbit breeds in the world. We source our meat and poultry only from local NZ meat market. Palomino Rabbit Breed There are many breeds or varieties of meat rabbits across the globe today that can be raised for homesteading or business. Choosing a Meat Rabbit Breed. However by far the top of the pile is the New Zealand White, which was actually developed in America! Here in New Zealand rabbit farming is slow to gain momentum. If you would like to be involved in breeding or showing pure bred rabbits, you have come to the right place. Rabbit Council of New Zealand. and were released at various sites within New Zealand as early as the 1830s. Lynette Peebles, Mistywood, Christchurch, (03) 3583469 This email address is being protected from spambots. There is more information under Membership regarding what you will receive when you become a member of Rabbit Council of New Zealand Inc. We look forward to your support. We supply whole wild rabbits sourced from the rugged highlands of Central Otago. Serving NZ online meat customers since 1992. From the bottom of the South Island, New Zealand, to the tip of the North, we’re in the game of bringing you excellent game. Order your wholesale wild meat online and since we guarantee personal service, we’ll be in touch as soon as we possibly can to check your order with you… 71 Pharazyn Street, Lower Hutt. Rabbits aren’t especially expensive. The New Zealand white rabbit meat and red rabbits meats are described below: New Zealand white rabbit meat. Rabbits are very adaptable and have become plagues in many places in New Zealand as they destroy farm lands and vegetation. They are big, white rabbits that grow to be the size of a large cat. Top 10 Best Meat Rabbit Breeds 1. 100% New Zealand Family owned and operated!! See more ideas about meat rabbits, new zealand rabbits, raising rabbits. New Zealand, Phone: 03 216 8535 Rabbits were still imported as late as the 1860s to stimulate a domestic fur and meat trade. The best food starts with the best ingredients.  The New Zealand White rabbit is the quintessential meat rabbit; white fur does not show up on the meat, the rabbits stay cooler in the heat, and the pelts can be dyed any color of the rainbow after being tanned. For beginners, I highly recommend raising New Zealand rabbits. The search for perfect colors in the other varieties has caused some people to overlook size, growth rate, and production capacity. Related: Colony rabbits vs caged rabbits and why we have chosen to colony raise our meat rabbits. My New Zealand rabbit herd consists of 2 red does, 1 red buck, 1 broken red doe, and a litter of 6 week old babies. New Zealand’s Finest Meats Delivered To Your Door. Premium Game is a licensed supplier of premium Wild Game Meats which has been harvested and processed in the most natural way. Californian Breed4. While initially they were hunted for food and sport, today they are sought after for their fur which is used to make clothing. The stories that accompany our products will enrich your wild meat experience! Some breeds are much larger than others. Domestic rabbits were commonly carried on sailing ships and sometimes released on islands as food for castaways. Florida White Breed5. If you sell rabbits, you are invited to submit a FREE rabbitry listing to our Meat Rabbit Breeder List!. I prefer a New Zealand buck to a Cali doe for optimal meat production – fast growing and large hind end. Wild rabbit is one of Premium Game's top sellers, due to its beautiful lean meat. Invercargill 9840, We’ve been sourcing the finest quality New Zealand meat and seafood for prompt, convenient delivery to our customers nation-wide since 1998. And the undercolor is dark slate blue, and this variety has dark brown eye color. New Zealand rabbits are a common choice for laboratory testing because of their docility and … Non-pedigreed Flemish giants cost $20 to … PO Box 340, Not all rabbits are created equal. Despite the name, these Rabbits originated in … The requirements for meat production totally depend on our farming methods. Fax: (03) 216 8525 Fare Game prides itself in bringing you the perfect fresh ingredients for your perfect dish. Premium meats is a quality mark holder from NZ Beef & Lamb Bureau. Many Kiwis overseas order products off our website for their friends and family back home. They are thought to have originated in California, the United States of America in the early 1900s. The NZ white is hands down the fastest grower and most efficient meat rabbit breed to grow. The New Zealand Whites are another popular medium weight breed — their white fur is worth more than the Chinchilla. There was some discussion a few years back on setting up a meat rabbit farm/collective on the Rabbit Council of NZ website forum at www.rabbits-nz.co.nz (in the commercial meat & fur section). New Zealand White and Californian rabbits are the most commonly used breeds; however, 14 others are also considered viable for meat production. Our Californian doe was a personal favorite of my youngest daughter because of her gentle disposition. The New Zealand is commonly used as a meat rabbit with a high feed to meat ratio with fine bones, and are considered one of the best breeds for meat production. Meat Direct is an online butcher based in Wellington, New Zealand. Don't compromise your dish; use Fare Game free range wild meats. Some wild rabbit meat is processed for human consumption but only a small fraction of the wild rabbits … Also a dual purpose meat and fur rabbit the Californian runs a bit smaller than the New Zealand at 8-10 lbs. NZ WHITE. Email: Randwick.meats@xtra.co.nz or Phone: 04-5684-616 . Laboratory testing. With the RCD vaccine, you'd be looking at $35-50 per rabbit. A slice of meat with an excellent balance of fatty acids and rabbit is richer in omega 3 than chicken or pork. The stories that accompany our products will enrich your wild meat experience!

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