what can i do with an accounting degree besides accounting

A graduate degree in accounting or obtaining a position with a large organization may cause the salary to be more than $120,000 per year with the right combination of education and experience. Sales is also a good option for those who love accounting, but also love interacting with people on a regular basis. Many administrators, in fact, are required to go through supplemental training courses to help them become familiar with basic accounting principles. Besides the conventional tax accountant or bookkeeper, an accounting degree can take students into the public sector as government officers or FBI agents; into music, fashion, sports, and Hollywood; into education, research, and policy-making; or into all sorts of profitable private practice. You can have access to relevant advice and learn needed skills to build your reputation.This helps you to build your own brand. The world of information technology is creeping into every avenue of life. You can choose to work on your own, work for a full-time employer, or use your skills to carve out your own side hustle to earn some extra cash. You?re still a bit like a financial advisor, but you?d be working with a general audience instead of a specific one. What Can I Do with an Accounting Degree Besides Accounting? Accountants have the ability to choose whether or not to work in the public or private sector as well as if they want to work on the more business-oriented side of any company. Some of these degree programs may require around 62 credits and can usually be completed in 2 years. The analytical and critical thinking skills gained in an accounting program can help prepare you for more careers than you might think. Because people with accounting experience were part of the software and hardware design teams. Like Marketing or management positions. Forensic accountant 8. If you?re not sure that a traditional accounting position is the right fit for you, then don?t be afraid to test out one of these alternative career opportunities. Danielle Gagnon is a freelance writer focused on higher education. What You Can Do With an Accounting Degree. Did you know that the average person in the United States has no money in their savings account? Alternative Careers for Accounting Majors [What to Do With an Accounting Degree Besides Accounting?] As an accounting graduate, you may choose to pursue a career in accounting, such as Budget Analyst, Tax Accountant, or Auditor, or you may decide to pursue careers outside of their field, such as in the field of management. Writers and bloggers have the lowest barrier to entry when looking for alternative employment with your degree in accounting. Entry-level positions involving record keeping and checking for accuracy are often open to those without college degrees. People who have a background in accounting are often hired by law enforcement agencies to track down financial crime. Management at the store asked her to go full time with them and become a buyer. Licensed conveyancer 6. Organizations are finding that when there is an IT team with great diversity, it becomes easier to manage technology. Part of the series: Accounting Jobs & Money Management. Chartered public finance accountant 5. Many salespeople with a background in accounting find more opportunities for advancement become available since sales managers need to crunch data even more than sales representatives do. There are no T-accounts. Interested in exploring how to become a human resources manager? What else would I be able to do with my accounting degree? On Fiverr, for example, the standard platform commission is 20%. Thankfully, there is some good news.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'bizfordoers_com-box-3','ezslot_3',102,'0','0'])); There are several job opportunities available for those who hold an accounting degree outside of the world of accounting. There is an almost unlimited upper salary potential. There is a need for a formal familiarity of IT to hold this type of position when you?ve earned a degree in accounting. Here are some of the possible doors that can open with an accounting degree: 1. I know that competition for these postitions is fierce so, I'd like to know if an accounting degree makes you competitive within the business for other postions. If you're passionate about money management, budgeting and strategic financial planning, an accounting degree could give you the skills you need to kick start a rewarding financial career. You?ll become connected to a community that seeks out mutual success. This resulted in more than $8.5 billion in restitution orders, $113 million in fines, and $751 million in forfeitures. You can choose to work on your own, work for a full-time employer, or use your skills to carve out your own side hustle to earn some extra cash. I think who you work with and your environment makes a major difference in whether or not you love your job. What Will I Learn in an Accounting Degree Program? *, As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, All the images/illustrations used in the blog are copyright to 123RF. But seriously, besides audit and tax, you can do managerial, FP&A, internal audit, financial analyst, certain data analyst positions, etc. You can create a website which offers relevant accounting advice. Through core coursework and onsite internship opportunities, the bachelor’s pathway equips students with skills and knowledge needed to succeed in accounting careers. StockbrokerJobs where your degree would be useful include: 1. At the bachelor's degree level, graduates may work at accounting firms, but advancement potential may be limited without a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, or … While many accounting degree holders find work as certified accountants and analysts, similar professions are also available across many industries. Explore the jobs below to learn more about these alternative careers for accountants: Whether your goal is to become a financial accountant, managerial accountant or you're interested in alternative careers for accountants, you'll need a bachelor's degree to start your career in the financial world. "They must understand and effectively communicate the data story. According to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, the Federal Trade Commission received 1.5 million fraud-related complaints in 2014. A growing trend in the United States is to rent properties instead of owning them. Associate's Degree in Accounting. Many media organizations hire people from diverse backgrounds to write or produce content for them as well. Thanks for the feed back. SNHU adjunct faculty with years of HR experience are sharing their best advice to get started in this evolving field. Many freelancers can earn six figures per year within their first few years of working on their own. They are also the communications bridge between shareholders, investors, critics, and analysts. This may include passing a certification program or holding another degree in an IT-related field. You may be tasked with giving presentations, discussing the implications of an earnings release, or reviewing statistical information for trends that can open up new service or product lines for an organization. Your accounting background already gives you the skills needed to find and analyze appropriate metrics to lead an organization toward success. In the 1971, a good home could be purchased for around $20,000. Anything that liberal arts majors and other business majors can do...and accounting. You can show families where they could save some money. The average salary of a realtor in the United States is currently around $50,000 per year. You might love working with numbers and data. It is not unusual for a salesperson with an accounting background to begin earning more than $100,000 within their first 5 years of this career.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bizfordoers_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_6',104,'0','0'])); Many administrators are required to evaluate budgets, set spending habits, and handle purchasing responsibilities. Both could benefit from the expertise learned through your degree in accounting. this will probly lead to a much higher salary in 5 years time then straight accounting firm. Interested in a particular facet of accounting and finance? alternative careers for accounting majors, jobs for accountants who don?t want to be accountants, jobs for accounting majors, non accounting jobs with accounting degree, other jobs for accountants, what can I do with an accounting degree besides accounting, By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Connect with her on LinkedIn. Their main responsibilities often involve preparing financial records, assessing record accuracy, and ensuring that taxes are paid properly. By earning an accounting degree, you'll prepare to enter the fast-growing financial world. Start Learning How to Make Money Blogging. In addition, self-employment is always an option. In many ways, these specialists become the financial face of the organization. I guess it depends on what do you want to do in the future. A degree in accounting can help you acquire the skills you'll need to become a financial advisor, business consultant or investment banker. Most administrators can find an entry-level position around $40,000 per year. In 2008, accountants made up approximately 8 percent of the 1.3 million accounting jobs in the U.S. Here are eight accounting career options to consider that are off the beaten path: 1. They’re a great way to gain experience and earn a paycheck while still in school. Many of these positions are in public service, however, so there are extra benefits, such as a pension or expanded health insurance, available to many workers.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'bizfordoers_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_11',103,'0','0'])); To avoid law enforcement investigations, many corporations hire their own private investigators to ensure that regulatory compliance is being maintained. Are there other opportunities besides finance and accounting with a accounting degree. The financial rewards are considerable – the Bureau of Labor Statistics show the top 10% of accountants earning an … You can pursue what you love and still find a job with a competitive salary. Work at a for-profit business. They need financial help in managing their money to have security deposits available. In your professional life, an accounting degree is like a waving, happy flag on your … Working independently pays up to 30% more than working for an organization, but there is less risk with full-time employment. I have always loved the fashion industry and this is my main goal but I do not see a need to major in fashion. Others are very independent and have little oversight. Expect a salary range of $55,000-$80,000 for most positions such as this. Forensic accounting In forensic accounting, you can get an opportunity to utilize your accountancy skills to among many things investigate inaccuracies and financial discrepancies such as disputes, fraudulent activity, misconduct and financial misrepresentation.

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