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Archive View Return to standard view. Things to look for - 04 Impreza GX Wagon. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Have various service records with various parts replaced. Service records are nice, make sure reg oil changes were done. One thing you can’t do much about is any holes from alarm and immobiliser installations. In short, I love my 05. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. I am interested in buying a blob eye Impreza Wagon. A new clutch was installed w/ pressure plate. While the first of Subaru's homologation hot-rod were unobtainable for the first decade of production, the STI now has more than a decade's history in the US. Posted by Matt Bell on 4th September 2019. 4 owners. 5 things to do before purchasing your used Subaru: 1. ENGINE:         1994cc flat-four Asked by Wiki User. Most Subarus run timing belts that require replacing evry 100,000kms this job combined with the replacement of the water pump is a pricy service item so when looking at a second hand subaru take note of the milage on it and if its close to any of 100,000, 200,000 ect then you will have to budget for the replacement of this is the future.The second item in the ‘you should know about” catagory is the … Engine You should get familiar with what a … Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2018 Subaru Impreza – The Pros 1. Check that the panels line up and the paint - particularly for metallic colours - matches. I am buying a used sti and would like to know what to look for to make sure everything is in working order before i buy. Almost everything that came on the 2017 Subaru Impreza carries over to the 2018 model. These are all things I look for now when checking cars out since they are things I ran into after buying my bugeye or after test driving and doing a walk around w/ a very close eye. Buying heavily modified examples can be a bit of minefield so it's best to get these looked at by a Subaru Tuning Specialist who can advise you accordingly. Sills are also susceptible to corrosion, commonly at the rear end and Nik advises that early cars can also suffer rot around the rear screen, while blisters around the windscreen can also mean a costly repair since the glass will have to come out and it’s a specialist job being a bonded screen. Something to watch for is the paint on the Brembo brakes; if discolored by heat, it's likely the car's been on the track. Beyond looking for things like dents and scratches, you’ll want to keep an eye out for any signs of rust. If you see oil., it could be the rings or turbo seals. It takes a fair bit of abuse to wreck the interior of one of these cars, so if you find a tatty one then assume it’s had a hard life. By Alisdairsuttie / … Answer. Subaru Impreza. Buying used: Subaru Impreza (2000-2007) Subaru's 1990s range had been missing a small sedan since the departure of the long-serving Leone and by 1992 the wagon and big-selling Brumby ute were gone as well. Power came from a 2.2-liter boxer engine that generated a 135 horsepower. The catch there, of course, is that crashes in a WRX frequently occur at higher speeds. Also check to see if the car burns oil (on start up, acceleration, etc.) Subaru’s dual active valve control system also Unusually for a car of this era, parts supply for the Impreza is pretty good – thanks partly to their popularity worldwide. There was no additional cladding, no elevated ride height, just a 2-tone paint job, an upgraded interior and Outback badges. Know what a stock engine bay looks like and avoid modded subies (in most cases). And yes, pre-1997 2.2L (EJ22) Subaru engines are bulletproof. There's a great chance that little things may have slipped your mind about the Impreza though and as a WRX owner, I can tell you that I've personally forgotten more about my car than I remember. The size of the engine enabled a better fuel efficiency. Visually, things improve on the 2.0RX due to front and rear spoilers, chromed final exhausts, 17-inch alloys and interior amenities such as sat-nav and front sport seats (only on the WRX). Ewan Kennedy reviews the Subaru Impreza from 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 as a used buy. You can enter to win it here. The chassis legs are designed to crumple and as such are easily distorted so need checking. These cars were once the joyrider’s favourite and since they came with precious little security from Japan, a decent alarm or immobiliser is essential. Things to look out for and check when buying a 2004 STi, with 144,000 miles. The older 2.5 twin cam engines let coolant leak into the oil when the gaskets fail. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. This is the easy part. We’re giving away the Subaru Impreza Series One Turbo 2000 AWD  pictured at TRAX Silverstone this October 6! Here’s 7 things you didn’t know, but need to before you buy one. We’re giving away the Subaru Impreza Series One Turbo 2000 AWD pictured at TRAX Silverstone this October 6! Information Source - StikeEngine Tuning Directory, Subaru Impreza Buying … Again, very few of these cars are still on their original suspension, most having been replaced with performance kit over the years. Buying the sensible performance saloon which gave the Cosworth a run for its money. You can enter to win it here. Contact the Seller 2.Test Drive 3. Let's take a look at 15 things about the Impreza that you've probably forgotten or maybe, never even knew to begin with. This checklist is provided in good faith by the site members. 15 It's Not Very Old Once you look under the hood, you’ll see that the Impreza has a flat-four 2.0L engine which allows for 28% reduced friction and a more efficient power as a result of refinements and lighter pistons. While the first of Subaru's homologation hot-rod were unobtainable for the first decade of production, the STI now has more than a decade's history in the US. Kelsey Media Ltd, Cudham Tithe Barn, Berry's Hill, Cudham, Kent TN16 3AG 01959 541444 . Purchased 7/31/14 for $6,900. Check aftermarket headlights for proper alignment and mounting. TORQUE:        214 lb.ft at 400rpm Later cars use a four-piston caliper but again they can seize when one piston – usually the lower one – seizes. The nut can come off the back of the gearbox, making it jump out of fifth gear but Nik advises it can be fixed without removing the box, so needn’t be the end of the world. 59 60 61. - Buying an Impreza Checklist. It is part and parcel to what makes a Subaru a Subaru. The question gets asked repeatedly on numerous car forums around the net, "I want to buy a Subaru Wrx what things should I look for when buying them ? " Go on, scratch that itch. The result is an engine running too lean under boost and before long a damaged or melted piston. Owner says timing belt and tensioner were done by previous owner. I have a few that I am looking at and will be inspecting shortly. When the Outback first debuted at the 1994 New York Auto Show, it was barely distinguishable from the LegacyL wagon upon which it was based. It’s difficult to repair properly as the affected area extends behind the wing and as Nik points out, a simple patch repair is unlikely to solve the problem, meaning the strength of the shell is compromised. The rarer limited-edition cars meanwhile will command much more but in terms of enjoyment per pound spent, a nice standard 2000 Turbo AWD takes some beating. Every Subaru Impreza comes with all-wheel drive, power windows, fog lamps and six airbags plus climate control. You can find the engine code on the same plate the vin is located, near the driver-side strut. And I would not buy it again. Nik advises that the con rods can also suffer when even mildly modified cars are driven hard, while engine rebuilds can often reveal cracked ring lands on the pistons. Rack and pinion for example? No, not that itch. At the end of the day always buy the Impreza on condition not mileage. Uneven shut lines may indicate crash repair. If the head gaskets were changed to genuine Subaru head gaskets, you should be fine. It is a good way of writing down all the findings after (or … Hi, I am looking to buy a car and it just so happens a friend of my dads is selling his Subaru Impreza RS 2.5L MY02 Manual Sedan. Subaru Impreza WRX and STI: PH Buying Guide Want a 'proper' four-door or wagon Impreza but want something more modern than the classic? Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2021 Subaru Impreza – The Pros. To sign up to our newsletter, please fill in your details below. POWER:          208bhp at 6000rpm One of the things that keeps people coming to Subaru is that they equip their vehicles with standard all-wheel drive. 0-60mph:        5.8 sec If possible, bring a mechanic buddy with you or get it checked out by a shop. There are plenty of other things to look for, sometimes, if your intuition tells you there's something wrong, there is. Top Answer. Standard All-wheel Drive. When it comes to modified cars, it all goes out of the window and it’s really an unknown quantity, depending on the state of tune and the way it’s been driven and serviced. In 2002 Subaru decided to import their newest Impreza which was the GD body style "bugeye" which has become quite a cult favorite in the… All Subaru cars have top of the line technology and … GEARS:           5-spd man And that's one of the major things to watch out for when shopping. Call Subaru of America 4. Here's the answer! TOP SPEED:   137 mph But no documentation. What should I look for when buying a used Subaru Impreza? Go on, scratch that itch. Overspray on window rubbers suggests crash repairs, as does wrinkled metal under the bonnet. For the 2.0R trim, Subaru adds 16-inch rims, ESC and xenon headlights. At the front end, rot isn’t quite such an issue but so many of these cars will have seen the wrong side of the hedge at some point that it’s worth checking for accident damage. Unless you want a project though, it’s probably best to walk away from these and budget on around £4000 upwards for which you should be able to bag a nice standard example. He has lent it to me for the next couple of days to drive around and see what I think and im just wondering if anyone can give me some pointers on what to look for to ensure its in good working order. The early engines can suffer from bottom end failure if they’re been neglected and driven hard, while the later units tend to suffer with piston slap, but it all depends on the service history: Nik says he’s encountered engines which have started to sound rattly at 50,000 miles but also units which have been fine at 140,000. 1. The Phase I has the engine code EJ25D. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. If they are not genuine Subaru headgaskets, expect more troubles. Values of the early Impreza have yet to rise significantly, with tatty cars at around £1000 to £2000. In standard tune the Subaru boxer motor is a pretty tough old thing, but as Nik points out, it all depends on the way the car’s been driven – and most Imprezas have been driven really pretty hard. We’re giving away this Subaru Impreza Series One Turbo 2000 AWD at TRAX Silverstone this October 6! The Impreza was given stick by contemporary road testers for its hard, shiny plastics and unadventurous ‘generic Japanese minicab’ interior styling but the trade-off is that those hard shiny plastics were durable in the extreme. Remapping the turbo engine generally means running more boost and this is fine if it’s matched by suitably increased fuelling, but all too often it isn’t. NEVER BUY A CAR AT NIGHT! Here's our guide to the affordable STI market. Gold wheels and 555 rally jackets strictly optional… Here’s what you need to look out for when buying one. Have Car Inspected If you've been thinking about buying one, you probably should. These are all things that you need to make sure to ask about and look into before you purchase the car. Drive a well cared-for standard Impreza today and you’ll find a car with no squeaks or rattles and every switch still doing what it’s supposed to do. Here's our guide to the affordable STI market. The age of the units these days means that head gaskets are often past their best, but replacement can often reveal other problems related to the age of the castings, like stripped studs and cracked heads. No, not that itch. If you've been thinking about buying one, you probably should. Now, let’s look at a few things you need to watch out for when purchasing a second generation Subaru Impreza WRX. If the car came from a snowy state, odds are that it will have a lot of visible corrosion underneath., TILT Digital Agency WordPress Designers and Developers in Kent, One Make Parking, Special Display and For Sale, Bromley Pageant of Motoring – Event Partners, HAYNES STOPS PRINTING FAMOUS WORKSHOP MANUALS, JAGUAR XK8: 2004 XKR CONVERTIBLE X100 DRIVEN, 1936 BENTLEY PACEY-HASSAN TO RUN GOODWOOD FESTIVAL OF SPEED HILLCLIMB, WordPress Designers and Developers in Kent. Carfax no accidents. The age of the cars does mean that worn original bushes will tend to take the edge off the handling but poly replacements are easily sourced to sharpen things up again. That of course is with a standard engine. It's about $180 to get a compression & leakdown test done at the dealer, but can save you thousands in the long run. That’s something of a shame since the standard set-up is a firm yet civilised set-up ideal for daily use. Replacement calipers are easily sourced though and are around £110 exchange. WEIGHT:        1118 kg. Look for any sights of modification (EG removed air silencer or snorkel.) Dealers must have felt nervous but then came a model with the slightly gawky name of Impreza.

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