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Name and origin; 2. [13] The guinea pig was domesticated as early as 5000 B.C. 1. It is the fourth largest mosque in Africa and the largest in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Incas sacrificed guinea pigs to the Sun God in their religious ceremonies; Queen Elizabeth the first also owned a pet guinea pig. In South Africa the Guinea Fowl is a protected species. 03 Guinea pigs … Guinea is bordered by Guinea-Bissau to the northwest, Senegal to the north, Mali to the northeast, Ivory Coast to the southeast, Liberia and Sierra Leone to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. 2 waterfall -- Kaieteur Falls. The main river is Río Benito. It borders Senegal to the North and Guinea-Conakry to the East and South. Famous beaches in Cape Verga include Sobane beach and Bel Air beach, while beautiful bamboo beach huts can be found in Les de Los. 1. Guinea Pig Facts: Characteristics Guinea Pigs are short-legged. Papua New Guinea used … I wanted to make a video about guinea pig facts for a long time. Guinea’s mineral wealth makes it potentially one of Africa’s richest countries, but its people are among the poorest in West Africa. According to the yearly Freedom in the World survey which measures political and civil rights, Equatorial Guinea has a ranking of 7. Guinea is divided into four geographic regions: Maritime Guinea (Lower Guinea) a coastal plain running north to south behind the coast; the pastoral Fouta Djallon highlands (Middle Guinea); the northern savanna (Upper Guinea); and a southeastern rain-forest region (Forest Guinea). (Source: Lonely Planet) 2. It shares a border with Guinea-Bissau to the north-west, Senegal to the north, Mali to the north-east, Ivory Coast to the south-east, Liberia to the south and to the south-west. 4. Guinea Hog Facts . Interesting Facts 01 Guinea pigs can live for up to 8 years with good and loving care. by . The appendage Bissau (the capital) was added to the nation’s name so it would not be confused with the neighboring country of Guinea. 1. Guinean cuisine varies by region with rice as the most common staple. It is a country with a long history and rich culture. Color in Guinea Hogs. The famous Grand Mosque located in Conakry was opened in 1982. He beat the record holder, Diesel, by more than 9cm! It is the 77th largest country in the world in terms of land area with 245,836 square kilometers (94,918 square miles). Guinea used to be named French Guinea because it was a French colony established in 1891, and was part of French West Africa. It's finally here! They are funny, innocent and cute little creatures. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020, 10 Interesting Facts About Equatorial Guinea. This entry was posted in Guinea Pigs and tagged facts, guinea, guinea pigs, interesting, pet, pig, small pet. Facts About the Culture, Geography, and History of Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau is a former West African Portuguese colony along the Atlantic coast. Here are some interesting facts about this country! Some of the fun facts about guinea pigs: These animals are crepuscular, which means they tend to be most active around dawn and dusk. January 13, 2015. 40 Interesting Guinea Pigs Facts. Nearby Sobane beach has cheaper and less intrusive beachside accommodations. American Museum of Natural History. Moka is the highest located city in the country. The coastline in Guinea has a length of 320 km (200 mi). Oh, how I love these furballs . Its 36,135 square kilometers of lush lands play home to more than 1.8 million people. Required fields are marked *. Docile Disposition. 50 Fun Facts About Guinea Pigs for Kids. Next in our list of 50 fun facts about guinea pigs, let’s look at some cute guinea pig facts for kids! 1. Guinea-Bissau is a country located in the western part of Africa. The official language is Portuguese. Country Facts. Guinea is a country on the western coast of Africa. Guinea Coast has 320 kilometers (200 miles) of coastline. She lives in Venezuela along with the friendly Benito, her half-breed dog. 11 Interesting Facts about Guinea-Bissau. Guinea pigs habitat and history is very interesting and you would be surprised to know that they were popular as Elizabethan Pets back then. States that border the country include Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal, Mali, Liberia, and Sierre Leone. Here are some more interesting facts. After getting their independence the people named the country Guinea-Bissau (officially Republic of Guinea-Bissau) after the capital Bissau. As of 2017, the adult literacy rate in Guinea was 41%, causing the country to be ranked as having the 9th lowest adult illiteracy rate in the world. A male guinea pig is called a boar, while a female is a sow. The Conakry Grand Mosque is a mosque in Conakry. 1. Equatorial Guinea is 1 of 10 African countries with a population of less than one million, based on proj Africa Facts The waterfalls crash over three separate falls and they’re surrounded by jungle where monkeys and a wealth of colorful birds are common. Life Cycle of American Guinea Hogs. New Guinea, island of the eastern Malay Archipelago, in the western Pacific Ocean, north of Australia. The official name of the country is the Republic of Guinea. Terminology. 0. Guineas don’t have to have a coop. The 12 interesting facts provided in this article grants a candle in the dark that beckons you to explore more about this unique West African land. The country is sometimes referred to as Guinea-Conakry in order to distinguish it from other parts of the wider region of the same name, such as Guinea-Bissau and Equatorial Guinea. The highest peak for both countries and the Nimba Range is at 1,752 meters (5,750 feet). 6. It is a religious landmark that is capable of hosting 25,000 worshippers. Country Facts. Guinea is a predominantly Islamic country, with Muslims representing 85 percent of the population. The reserve covers significant portions of the Nimba Range, a geographically unique area with unusually rich flora and fauna, including exceptional numbers of single-site endemic species, such as viviparous toads, and horseshoe bats. Guinea pigs eat vegetation and do not require water to drink if supplied with sufficiently moist food, but they must have water if fed dry commercial food.They breed all year in captivity. Equatorial Guinea borders on such countries as: Cameroon 189 km, Gabon 350 km. Cavies are mostly silent and obedient, meaning that they are easy to handle. Africa's fourth-largest mosque is in Guinea The predominant religion in Guinea is Islam, which is practiced by about 90% of the country’s population. The land that is now Guinea belonged to a series of African empires until France colonized it in the 1890s, and made it part of French West Africa. During the time, railroad and port facilities were established, and the territory became a major export channel. Guineas Are Low Maintenance Birds. Fun Facts about Guinea Pigs. She helped in making these furry rodents popular as a pet as well; Baby guinea pigs, also known as pups, can run when they are only a few hours (not years) old The most interesting facts about Papua New Guinea include isolated tribes, the world’s first gardeners, cannibalism and a poisonous bird. BY Erin McCarthy. Guinea was admitted to the United Nations on 12 December 1958 and is a member of ECA and several nonregional specialized agencies. Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve is a protected area and UNESCO World Heritage Site located in both Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire, extending over a total of area of 17,540 hectares (43,340 acres), with 12,540 hectares (30,985 acres) in Guinea, and 5,000 hectares (12,355 acres) in Côte d’Ivoire. A primary reason for the low literacy rate in Guinea is the country's high poverty rate. 7. Papua New Guinea (PNG) has 3 official main languages such as English, Hiri Motu, and Tok Pisin. This country is officially known as the Republic of Guinea. Papua New Guinea (PNG) has 3 official main languages such as English, Hiri Motu, and Tok Pisin. Fun Facts and Information about Guinea Pigs: Cavies are one of the most charming animals on the planet. Guinea shares its northern border with Guinea-Bissau, Senegal and Mali and its southern border with Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast. Guinea is a small coastal country in West Africa. Kambadaga Falls is spectacular, 249 meters (817 feet) tall and 69 meters (226 feet) wide waterfall. It is bordered by Senegal to the north and Guinea to the south and east, with the Atlantic Ocean to its west. Guinea-Bissau is a land of rich cultural heritage, rich biodiversity, and extreme political contrasts. Their national football team is called Syli Nationale which literally means National Elephants. Korneliya Yonkova from Cork, Ireland on November 05, 2015: Amazing hub. The mosque was built under Ahmed Sékou Touré with funding from King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. Guinea-Bissau was originally part of the kingdom of Gabu, the Mali Empire until the 19th century when it became a Portuguese colony. 2. In Equatorial Guinea there are 3040 km2 of agricultural land (11% of the country). It is made up of 3 national parks and other types of protected areas. The country is known to have one-quarter of the world’s bauxite reserves, as well as more than 1.8 billion metric tons of high-quality iron ore. What are some interesting facts about Equatorial Guinea? Guinea was a French colony for nearly 70 years until it gained independence on October 2, 1958. 12. Mount Richard-Molard is a mountain along the border of Ivory Coast and Guinea in West Africa. 10 Interesting Facts about Guinea Pigs. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 10 Facts About Guinea Worm Disease. We are happy to provide you with 12 interesting facts about this rich African land. Interesting facts about Papua New Guinea. When excited guinea pigs may repeatedly perform little hops in the air, also known as “popcorning”. Your email address will not be published. If you are looking for some fun and interesting facts about guinea pigs to help with a homework project or maybe you are just really interested in them, then here are 50 Fun Facts About Guinea Pigs for Kids to get you started. The official name of the country is the Republic of Guinea. January 13, 2015. Fact 1 Guinea shares its northern border with Guinea-Bissau, Senegal and Mali and its southern border with Liberia, Sierra Leone and Cote d’Ivoire. Guinea pigs communicate through a series of squeaks, chirps and purrs. Guinea is also known to possess large deposits of gold, uranium, and diamonds. It is home to the world’s most number of spoken languages estimated to over 850.

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