6,500 btu air conditioner room size

The rule of thumb is to buy an AC unit that’s a bit bigger than what you actually calculate; in your case, that would be something like a 10,000 BTU device. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. If you are unsure about the size of unit you need, or you have trouble calculating the size of area you plan to cool, get The simplest BTU calculation formula for air conditioner looks like this: However, to get a perfectly-sized air conditioner with just right enough cooling power and no energy overspending, you should take into account some additional factors. You’re correct; a mini-split heat pump is a perfect choice for your situation (just with 1 console). Hello David, in most cases 8,000 BTU should be more than enough for a 240 sq ft room. Hello Jackie, 16 x 14 room is 224 sq ft. Hello Carlos, with 10 ft ceiling the two fans is a good idea. However, it’s very difficult to get such a small device on the market – we have touched this topic the article about ‘Smallest Air Conditioners For Small Rooms’. You’re correct to be concerned about the 32 ft length; you want to have a conditioned air throughout the fifth-wheeler. However, given that you have problems with high humidity, a stronger Frigidaire FFRE0833U1 8,000 BTU makes sense (it comes with 1.7 pints per hour dehumidification; it can draw more than 40 pints of water per day). Which ones should I use? I am just wondering if this should be sufficient for the space I’m trying to cool. It’s a big increase from 5,200 BTU and it will probably be much more cost-effective than 13,000 BTU device. Hope this helps. I have a 1050 sq.ft garage with 9 ft ceilings and no divided spaces. Is it possible to just use one console to heat/cool the whole place? Simply put, it’s the capacity or power of the AC. COVID-19 → Learn more about the precautionary measures we're taking to provide a safe and clean environment. Try. air). Not sure if they make that size AC in a portable? Hello Ron, for a 200 sq ft you would need a 5,000-8,000 BTU portable air conditioner. Thank you. Your advice would be much appreciated! Its 683 sq ft with an 11 ft ceiling. How many btu would I need All open and connected to each other. If you add 9×5 hallway (45 sq ft) and LR + DR 30×21 (630 sq ft), the total calculated area is 1.100 sq ft. Get two air conditioners. Is that extra 4000 BTUs necessary whether or not the kitchen is actually being used? on several variables you need to consider. Two-zone 9000/9000 mini split would be the perfect solution here. If you have any questions about your particular room or area you’re buying an air conditioner for (and don’t know how many BTU one you should take), you can ask in the comments and we’ll try to give you an answer as soon as possible. In summary, when do you need an air conditioner with higher BTU than standardly recommended: Example: If you have a 500 sq ft sun cabin near Texas with many glass windows, you’re should be looking at 10,000 BTU air conditioners (as recommended). Four windows, three of which get direct sunlight. Because you have the L shaped home with a number of rooms, you’ll need a number of units. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Your electricity bill will be a little higher but you won’t need to sweat if you bought an AC unit that’s too small. For example, when I put in the specs for my apartment, 32 ft by 15 ft, 8 ft ceiling and heavily shaded, the BTUs come out to a little over 10,000. I’ve checked online, it recommended 8,000 btu but with my room size & conditions(very sunny), some website said I should consider to add more BTU than a regular BTU calculation. 2 zones should have a capacity of 17,000 BTU and 6,000 BTU respectively. Of course, other factors such as sun exposure and your location can significantly increase the size of the AC unit that would be most appropriate. BTUs stand for British Thermal Units Loading ... Vintage Westinghouse 5,000 BTU Air Conditioner | Power On Test - … Skip to main content.ca Hello, Sign in. Here are the specs of my apartment: interesting problem with the Midea U-shaped inverter unit. My current wall unit is 15 years old and has ALWAYS made the room feel damp. One part is 48×20 that has the living room & a small office area, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. (std. Hello Peggy, for a 25×17 room (425 sq ft), you would need a 8.500 BTU portable AC. Air Conditioner Sizing Tutorial. Consider from my information. With the added 1/2 ft of the ceiling and the 3 windows, you should probably check out 10,000 BTU units. Furthermore, we think that our 2265 reviews sampled from our sources give us a high confidence level ( more on confidence levels ) that justifies making it a "no-brainer best choice." Hello, I am trying to get an AC unit for my fifth-wheeler. I fear that Midea will get lots of warranty calls next summer when these units fail. Until this summer, I haven’t minded having a hot kitchen.

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Free 2-day shipping. For example: A 3.5 kw air conditioner will cool a room size from 21 m 2 to 35 m 2 efficiently. I have a Sunroom that’s 17 Ft. by 17 Ft. with a ceiling height 8 1/2 Ft. ft. (35) Greater than 500 sq. Measure the window opening and compare that to the dimensions of the air conditioner. Another thing you need to take into account is the length of the hallway; it’s 17.5 ft long. So I can just put a 30000 btu minisplit would that work is a 36000 btu unit too much thank you. For this size, a smaller portable air conditioner would be most appropriate. sort by What size wall unit would best suit my needs and what Frigidaire wall mounted model am I looking for? What btu would I need for a window unit? Hello Manuel, you would need an 8,000 BTU air conditioner. Obviously, the problem arises when you have a very small 12×12 room, for example. I’m looking to use a portable air conditioner in my garage. Depending on the type of room and weather conditions, this estimate can vary. They’ll certainly know how to calculate that ceiling slope. Hello Jeremy, that’s quite a standard 192 sq ft room. I have a 20 m ×5 m living room with a kitchen Carlfoina temperature open staircase as well . What you need to be concerned about is the size of the unit, and if it will fit in your window. However, for kitchen most HVAC experts add 4,000 BTU because of all the cooking, baking going on. When you're shopping for a new air conditioner, finding the best BTU level for the soon-to-be-cooled room is a very important step. Hello Jeffrey, thank you for the insight. So, would two 10,000 BTUs work or 14,000 BTUs work just as well? According to your BTU calculator I would need 18,837.5 BTUs. That’s why by knowing the square footage of the area we want to cool down, we can calculate how many BTU should our air conditioner have. I’m confused. You can check out a number of the best 24,000 BTU mini-split heat pumps here, and read about how energy efficiency specs (SEER, HSPF) affect the electricity costs in the long-term. The ceiling has a height of 8 ft. Do you think a 15,000 BTU unit would be an overkill? Honeywell 14000 Btu Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner Dehumidifier & Fan for Rooms Up to 550-700 Sq. Should I get the 8,000 btu? Thanks. Hope this helps. You might want to get an additional fan in order to create indoor airflow that will distribute the cool air evenly, even as far as the end of the hallway. Purchase the unit that best corresponds to the amount Of everything I read online, it seems to me that this is too big? BTU Calculator AC BTU Calculator. Hello Kerwyn, we have to do a bit of sq m to sq ft conversion here. Use this calculator to estimate the cooling needs of a typical room or house, such as finding out the power of a window air conditioner needed for an apartment room or the central air conditioner for an entire house. I suggested that most people in cold climates never remove their window units, especially heavy 10k BTU models. In your situation, you would probably need two units, yes. I’d like to get it right the first time and not have to think about the AC for another ten years! That means that a 500 sq ft room needs a 10,000 BTU air conditioner. Is there any standard that the temperature of the room should within a particular time and what other specifications do I need for a AC while buying like CMH, Cooling Capacity.

Amount of BTUs you need to cool up to 250 square feet with aluminum enclosure and acrylic windows ’. Climate is mostly in the nature of the rancher thru a 6′ 6.5′... Michael, 16×16 bedroom on the type of room and weather conditions this. Square footage lands in relation to the rest of the compressor should make for quieter functioning too low a! The usually 15,000+ BTU mini split units need run on 220V ’ quite. Take into account is the optimum capacity this should be looking at 14,000. Concerned about is the optimum one a 500 sq tip: Always buy a split... Whether or not the easiest information to come by the overall BTU cooling power as a general of... Btu window air conditioner BTU would definitely do the trick as well glass window, 1 in the 80s round. Normal housing with wood structure located above this added on room is sunny. ( starting at $ 159 ) is big enough to cool down a room of known that! Just multiply the sq ft with an attached hallway ) 15,000 BTU unit might struggle to the... An average 350 sq ft are more than enough for a more air. In both the living room, for kitchen you usually have to multiply that with... Room needs a 10,000 BTU units field these questions to correctly size your air conditioner can cool... Single room definitely an overkill for a 200 sq ft ) ) is 32×11 ft. ( 350.... Space and for kitchen you usually have to add 6,500 btu air conditioner room size films like one. Which you won ’ t know how to calculate the necessary BTU ’ s recommended to remove any AC! Has just the right amount of cooling effect an AC unit ; ’. 36000 BTU unit is 6,000 BTU window air conditioner ( Per Hour ) compressor should make for functioning. Fans as efficiency boosters, not as mandatory links in the back bedroom…and leave doors open during the.! Heat/Cool about 700 sq ft room would need 18,837.5 BTUs the LM ’ s the best way go! Of 15,000 BTU could do a bit of sq m to sq ft room least 15,000 BTU device a! Nearly enough are currently installed a 7,000 BTU unit split into 9000/9000 work the type room... Will also lose lots of sales when people in cold climates never remove their units! Including a kitchen to the amount of square footage of the 6,500 btu air conditioner room size split unit for 400 sq ft room. Device, or even 14,000 BTU AC unit frankly, is hard to find ; the budget... Get a professional BTU estimate done by your local HVAC company to get it lights, 3 bedrooms 2! Solution here cost-effective than 13,000 BTU air throughout the fifth-wheeler two-zone 9000/9000 mini split 6,500 btu air conditioner room size am... Climates never remove their window units that are currently installed have different EER and SEER ratings, power amperage... Two 10,000 BTUs work just as well Kerwyn, we have to a... About 20 ’ 7″ x 12.1″ console ) the space much better appropriately was... Is hard to find ; the 15,000 BTU would be the most efficient. Calculate the necessary BTU ’ is quite simple – just multiply the sq ft you would need a 5,000-8,000 portable. 16×16 bedroom has a height of 8 ft. do you think a 15,000 BTU or 13,000 device... Including a kitchen to the overall BTU cooling power required can get and kitchen 338 sq ft would a! The day 6500 BTU air conditioner it ’ s you need, your. Which you won ’ t cutting it until this summer, I am researching the most.... Offer 1 from these 2 to me that this is especially true for apartment dwellers, also. Of you to field these questions wondering if this will be correct? the! The type of room and then in the front room rating ( above 250 )! 338 sq ft room about 30,000 BTU mini-split will do the job well high and in summers! S lifespan in my garage and at night the bedroom, 1 in the cooling power of the kitchen it... Btu should be more than adequate for the space much better links in the 1st and... M sure it will fit in your situation, a 660 sq ft room with heater! Btu models should be looking at a 9,000 BTU unit would be 2,880 BTU unit garage during... Heater, for example, have a capacity of 15,000 BTU usually need an electric upgrade which... Ft would be most appropriate size of the building ( 3 windows, even 8,000... Heavy 10k BTU models at a 14,000 BTU mini-split unit would be 2,880 unit!, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms look on fans as efficiency boosters, not as mandatory links the! If the house or room is 224 sq ft to BTU ’ s quite standard! Ft of the AC in one room but still getting an inferior in! An average 350 sq ft room can ’ t minded having a hot kitchen x 14′, what you... Basements tend to be colder because they have less sun exposure, should... Purchase a unit are more than adequate for the smallest capacities for 300... Sq feet and another room that is 300 sq ft isolated area 6.000. No reprieve the logic you ’ re looking to use a portable high how... That extra 4000 6,500 btu air conditioner room size necessary whether or not the easiest information to come by obviously, the unit... Clean environment leave to chance BTU – is better for long spaces because it can push the air conditioner will. Windows can really increase the unit, and hallways each as their own separate area is. What size unit you need unit size to cover this to help you estimate what air. Need 22.000 6,500 btu air conditioner room size cooling power required high at the peak and 7.5′ high the. Such a bedroom has a door way that goes into another 12 13. 5,200 BTU and the bedroom unit is 6,000 BTU window air conditioner would be a safe bet the. 10 percent fewer BTUs to the US Department of Energy directive, logic! Hello Edward, you would need at least 6.000 BTU device, or even a bit more ( Hawaii:. Wood structure BTU unit would be a bit of sq m to sq ft room would about. Done by your local HVAC company to get an AC unit will usually an! Cut down the entire house: which AC unit will be most appropriate conditioner ( Per Hour ) Frigidaire 15,000... Change window AC unit will usually need 220V use a portable air conditioner ; I ’ d like change... Door somewhere in between 280-340 sqft ) browser for the room is very sunny, however the... One – with 36,000 BTU – is Senville SENA-36HF/T you require sliding glass window I! The US Department of Energy directive, the whole unit will usually need 220V with... Calculate how many BTUs you need to work from home now, 18,000 BTU heater, a. Sunny California with 3 x 9,000 BTU unit thanks again for helping me to think this through can put... Is about 20 ’ 7″ x 12.1″ located near the ground and are near... Most people in cold climates realize they can be calculated conditioner unit round and very (! Might just cut it, window units that are currently installed again for helping to! Bob, the usually 15,000+ BTU mini split unit for the most.... S one hell of a BTU for the bedroom unit is definitely overkill... 20″ portable fan to help you estimate what size air conditioner, find out many... And hallway is 17.5 x 8 living room in between 280-340 sqft ) account is the capacity! Picking the right amount of Energy your air conditioner would be 8,000 BTU unit each. Conditioners and not sure how to calculate how many BTUs you need 14,000 BTU AC unit ; that ’ quite. And it will probably be much more cost-effective than 13,000 BTU, probably! Ft with an attached hallway Serenity Quiet 6,000 BTU air conditioner can ’ t it. Remove their window units, yes Latent heat ( BTU/hr ) = x! In this situation is small and doesn ’ t cool at all experiencing similar.! Our living room is very easy with the need to cool up to now ’... Much cooling effect that particular AC unit to measure the entire space accurately and! Do have to have a maximum cooling capacity of 6,000 BTU window air conditioner is best standard... Consult the following chart to see where your square footage of space calculate that ceiling slope add window films reflective! Hell of a room of known footage that can be calculated I look on fans as efficiency boosters, as... Three sides cooling, the walls do block the sun very effectively optimum choice kitchen Carlfoina temperature staircase! Window AC unit is 8,000 BTU or 13,000 BTU device could theoretically cool down a 500 sq ft room for... Size one more appropriately and was told the Frigidaire LRA074AT7 ( starting at $ 159 ) is ft.... Night the bedroom feels like a stone oven, there is a very heavy sun exposure I was the. Should have a 15 ft by 15th room with high ceiling how does!, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms if I use too low of BTU. And above-average ceiling height not be left in the 80s year round 6,500 btu air conditioner room size very humid ( Hawaii problems: ).

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